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Jade Plant in a cute ceramic snowman pot

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Rs. 899

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Jade Plant in a cute ceramic snowman pot 

The jade plant is an extremely popular succulent houseplant with fleshy, oval-shaped leaves. Sometimes called the money plant or dollar plant, these plants were once thought to bring good luck to their owners so they are often given as housewarming gifts. Jade plant care is easy and simple. Many people enjoy growing jade plants in their homes and offices. To make this package of good luck lovable, we plant it in a cute little snowman with a hat on it.

Watering and Feeding:

  • They need full sun in order to grow properly. If they do not have full sun, they may become stunted and leggy.
  • Never let a jade plant dry out completely. But also, do not water a jade plant too often, as this can cause root rot.
  • For proper jade plant care, fertilize your jade plant about once every six months.

    Plant Specifications:
  • Plant Name- Jade
  • Plant Type- Decorative
  • Plant Placement- Indoors & Outdoors
  • Plant Size - 4 - 5 inches
  • Potting - Ceramic Pot


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