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Dracaena baby doll plant in a ceramic pot

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Rs. 899

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Dracaena baby doll plant in a ceramic pot

Dracaena is a popular indoor plant originally from East Africa that is often used to adorn homes and offices. They are highly ornamental due to their unique colour. These are some of the best house plants and make great additions to any home while requiring minimal care. The best way to grow Dracaenas is to buy a small one from us which comes planted in a beautiful ceramic pot. After that, the necessary care is very simple. Plants that are dark green usually require less light than those that have any kind of color in their leaves. The less light a plant has, the slower it grows. The slower it grows the less water and fertilizer it needs.

Watering and Feeding:

  • Grow dracaena in low or medium light. The plant often shows the best color in medium or indirect light indoors.
  • Water it when the soil dries out.
  • Fertilize it a couple of times a year to keep it at its best.

Product Details:
Plant Name- Dracaena
Plant Type- Decorative
Plant Placement- Indoor
Plant Height- Between 4 - 5 inches


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