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Cryptanthus plant in a ceramic pot

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Rs. 899

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Crypatanthus plant in a ceramic pot

Cryptanthus are more commonly known as Earth Stars, a name they received because of the shape of their foliage.The genus get its name from the Greek word meaning hidden flower. It is a small indoor plant that offers green foliage edged in pink stripes. The short plant comes in a variety of shades, including red, green, and white. Cryptanthus are native to Brazil. Despite the flat shape, these plants can reach up to two feet across. Gifting such a plant is very thoughtful on any festival or occassion.

Watering and Feeding

  • During the summer, water frequently. In the winter, water sparingly.
  • Apply diluted liquid fertilizer during the spring. In the summer and fall, avoid adding any additional fertilizer.

NOTE: Don’t pour water into the rosette. Always water the soil, as water can get trapped in the leaves and cause mildew or fungal growth.

Product Details:

Plant Name- Cryptanthus Pink
Plant Type- Succulents
Plant Placement- Indoors
Plant Height- Upto 2 inches
Green white Coloured Ceramic Pot

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