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Eylsee Contains Egg

Rs. 136


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Rs. 136

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A selective innovation from the house of Oven Fresh, the Elysee is a class apart.

Parts of dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut mousse surround a freshly made layer of the classic crème brulee. This enticing combination is housed inside a semi-soft milk chocolate casing. And this is just the beginning of the drama.

The divergence of contrasting flavours of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and the vanilla infused crème brulee is a celebration of taste. The sweet, bitter and semi-sweet flavours of this cake are balance on a strident base of hazelnut dacquoise.

The time and efforts spent on each creation is apparent in its near-perfect splendor. The chocolate case is carefully prepared on a cold stone whilst the mouse and crème brulee each are set separately.

All the beautiful fragments are then assembled almost like filling colours in a painting.

This is a masterpiece perfected by few. The semi-soft case melts in your mouth and leaves only the decadent tastes of the delicious trifecta.

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