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Chocolate fudge cookies ,candied lemon orange cake ,box of 9 chocolate pralines

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Nudge the Fudge

The consumer will surely have a big confussion as to what to eat first from the combo infront of them. It serves the best chocolate fudge cookies, candied lemon orange cake and a box of 9 chocolate pralines. A fudge is a soft crumbly or chewy sweet made from sugar, butter, and milk or cream will be combined with our favourite chocolate in a cookie. The candied lemon orange cake is special with an unique recipe, its a must try cake. The cake has a not so common blend of lemon and orange, this will give our taste buds new centre of attraction. And talking about the chocolate pralines, in semantic terms in the French language, a praline refers to an almond or hazelnut coated confectionery with caramelized sugar. In Belgium, a “praline” is defined by a chocolate candy with a filling. The excitement is super high to enjoy this combo !


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